The Kathi Koll Foundation

About The Kathi Koll Foundation

About The Kathi Koll Foundation - The Kathi Koll Foundation founded in 2014, offers short-term financial subsidies for struggling caregivers, and a community education program geared toward helping them navigate the various challenges that can arise. Kathi's Caregivers, a branch of the foundation, was created to specifically emphasize the role of family caregivers whose lives are dedicated to their loved ones, offering them emotional and financial respite and helping them understand that they are not alone while juggling their caregiving and personal responsibilities. Thanks to the generous support of donors, the foundation is able to provide meaningful assistance for struggling caregivers by helping families purchase medical equipment, take family trips, improve the safety of their home, pay utility bills, buy groceries, and many other much-needed but financially prohibitive items that help improve the quality of their lives and the quality of care they give their loved ones.

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