Orange County Women's Health Project

About Orange County Women's Health Project

The mission of Orange County Women's Health Project is to advance women's health in Orange County through education, collaboration, and advocacy. Since 2011, the Orange County Women’s Health Project (OCWHP) has worked tirelessly to address gender parity in healthcare. Without it, women’s health suffers, and so too does our overall community.

Although women and men have different health needs, healthcare policies have historically been made primarily—or only—with men in mind. Healthcare studies have been predominantly conducted on men and about men. As a result, half of the population’s healthcare needs have not been adequately understood or addressed. This has a dramatic impact on the well-being of women, their children, their families, and our overall community. The OCWHP is committed to changing this by ensuring that women have a presence and voice in every important healthcare conversation throughout Orange County.

To help us address gender parity in healthcare and improve the health of women as well as our overall community, please consider joining our Peeps by making a charitable contribution today. As a Peep, you will enjoy donor benefits and privileges based on your level of giving.

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