In'Lakesh Relief Fund

About In'Lakesh Relief Fund

The CoronaVirus outbreak has significantly impacted our day-to-day livelihood, our work, access to services and supplies, and has also created economic pressures and stressors in our households. We don’t know how long these unprecedented circumstances will last or how much impairment to our families and communities this crisis will continue to bring.

In an effort to support those most affected by this crisis, the Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities (SABHC) Hub and Resilience Orange County (ROC) are launching an In’Lakesh Relief Funds program to provide financial relief to our working class and immigrant families that have been most impacted by the CoronaVirus in our communities by liberating $25,000 to support with lease/rent payments, DACA renewals, medical bills and basic needs. Additionally, in collaboration with Cooperacion Santa Ana, small businesses/worker cooperatives in Santa Ana impacted by this pandemic can apply for relief funds and supports.